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For 'Henry V', Shakespeare & Company

The climactic battle of Agincourt… takes shape onstage is a visceral image of war’s two faces: an experience that is simultaneously collective and deeply individual for those who do the fighting. That scene was choreographed by cast member Sarah Jeanette Taylor, who also delivers a heartfelt portrayal of Nell Quickly

- The Boston Globe


Sarah Jeanette Taylor ups the multiple-character ante by also switching between genders with no loss of credibility as she makes her way through a half-dozen roles. 

- Metroland


Sarah Jeanette Taylor provides two invaluable contributions: her role as Mistress Quickly, who movingly describes the offstage death of John Falstaff, and her swirling, vivid choreography for the battle of Agincourt. 

- The Times Union


Actor Sarah Jeanette Taylor adds another fine arrow to her growing professional quiver. 

- The Berkshire Edge


I enjoyed Sarah Jeanette Taylor anytime she was on stage. In addition to delighting us on stage, Taylor choreographed the battle scene.… the battle scene is extraordinary.  

- Berkshire Family Focus


Actress Taylor developed a majestically beautiful, choreographed ballet for the climactic battle at Agincourt… representing the ultimate carnage of the battle. It’s a stunning and show-stopping moment. 

- Examiner


A five star seasoned team of actors an actresses…The result is a collage of authentic Shakespeare

- Did You Weekend


The three women’s roles here – Nell Quickly (Taylor), Alice (Jadow), and Princess Katharine (Calkins) – are delightful ones, but it is wonderful to see these actresses, and Galvin, portray the impulsive, physical masculinity of the Southampton traitors and the frustrated French nobility champing at the bit before the Battle of Agincourt. Taylor has deftly choreographed the scene of the Agincourt battle.  This really is Shakespeare & Company, as a Company, doing what they do best. 

- Berkshire on Stage


As the versatile, black-clad chorus who narrate and move the set pieces and move into and out of small roles, Croy, Taylor, Galvin, Jadow, and Jaeger add immeasurably to the pleasures of this production….The battle of Agincourt as staged by Sarah Jeanette Taylor comes as close to a Martha Graham experience as you will find anywhere today

- Berkshire Bright Focus

For 'It's A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play', Shakespeare & Company

Best of the Berkshires 2013 

‘Director Jenna Ware and her splendid cast received a richly deserved standing ovation from a very happy audience.’ - Berkshire On Stage


Best of 2013and 'Noteworthy Mention of a Performance by an Actress'

An unexpected delight. Imaginative, inventive and thoroughly captivating reconception of Frank Capra's much-beloved 1946 film.    Beautifully acted and directed. Joseph's George Bailey …is flawlessly matched by Taylor's feisty, forward, wily and loving Mary’ - The Berkshire Eagle


Taylor is lovely in this work. She is adept at slight comedy and wonderful in the more emotional moments of the play within the play. She never oversteps the boundaries of radio acting when she is at the mic and never underplays her real emotions. I adored her.’ - Edge Boston


‘Sarah Jeanette Taylor…does Mary to perfection’ - Lakeville Journal


For 'It's A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play', Shakespeare & Company, 
2014 Remount

'Her sweet Mary displays a strength and spirit that surprised us and George' -  Lakeville Journal


For 'Clara', Ventfort Hall

‘Clara’ [is] brilliantly and sensitively acted by Sarah Jeanette Taylor' - Rex Hearn, Berkshire Record 


'Taylor does a remarkable job of sweeping you through Clara’s life” - Carrie Delaney, Berkshire Record


For 'Machinal', Chicago College of Performing Arts

'Sarah Taylor, who played the young woman, stole the show. Her brilliant stage presence carried her throughout the performance. The audience members were able to feel the joy and, most of the time, pain that Taylor portrayed'  - Torch

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